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Monday Creek Publishing is an up and coming star in the publishing industry. A small publisher from Ohio, USA, every writer can find a place to showcase their work. Collaborate with an illustrator, ghost writer, or editor to see your publishing dreams come true! Every project receives detailed attention and professional service. An affiliate of Ingram World Distributors, Monday Creek Publishing produces eBooks, paperbacks, hard covers, and audio books. Read the following testimonials...


All authors seek the best representation for their books. We want someone whose attention to detail is impeccable. We want a publisher who is dedicated to presenting the best work possible. We appreciate a publisher who responds to our inquiries promptly. When I asked Gina McKnight about publishing my book, she fulfilled all of my expectations. We edited the story several times, until it sparkled. I had ample opportunities to read the PDF copy of my book, as well as the printed proof. She also includes initial marketing with her publishing fee, which is not commonly done. Gina made suggestions to improve my story, but she also recognized the story was mine, so I could implement my personal choices. If you want a publisher who is completely dedicated to your success, contact Gina. You’ll be glad you did.

Deanie Humphrys-Dunne, Author 

"My Life at Sweetbrier: A Life Changed by Horses"


I have published with Monday Creek and you really will not find better. I believe in a few years Monday Creek will be a serious name in the publishing industry. The effort given to every project is staggering.

Chris Dyer, Author


     I never knew that Monday Creek Publishing was only a 30 minute country drive from my house until an acquaintance told me about Gina McKnight. He said, “Go see Gina, she will sit right down with you and treat you right.” I must say, I had some doubt about that as I was driving there. I was going to see her about my first novel and I was filled with self-doubt.

     Gina did sit right down with me and treated me with respect and honesty. She agreed to read and edit my novel. Gina explained the publishing process: marketing details, printing the book, pictures, font size, designing the cover and so much more. I met with Gina numerous times in order to get through the entire process. Gina always gave one-on-one consideration. Gina McKnight is uplifting and inspirational. I appreciate her honesty and her professionalism.

     Monday Creek Publishing is top-notch at making dreams come true. I had my first book signing on May 13, 2017. Footprints In The Dust, a Civil War story about an Ohio soldier and his family as they struggled through the war.

L.E. Hutchinson, Author


My first poetry book "Poetry and Pearls" edited by Gina McKnight was released in November of 2015. Gina was extremely dedicated to my project and my poetry from the very beginning! I would even say she helped to discover and introduce me by publishing an interview about my poetry on her website. She agreed to take on my project and she worked day and night to help with the design layout editing publishing and marketing of my book. She did it all! And for that I was extremely grateful and relieved to have my book in such capable hands. She worked very hard with me to achieve the most beautiful poetry book ever published! She walked me through each stage of the editing process assisting with the design and answering every question I had completely and thoroughly. I cannot express enough how my first poetry book had become an overnight success due to the dedicated efforts of Gina and Monday Creek Publishing. She is my lifeline and her expertise in the entire publishing process was instrumental in achieving the success with my book.

N.R. Hart, Author "Poetry and Pearls" a book of romantic poetry volume 1 

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