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The Hitchhikers Guide

to Yerba Mate

Marcia Lewandowski










Love and Loss:
The Storied Nature of Nursing Home Care

Carolyn Bailey Lewis, Ph.D.

The Waygook Book
A Foreigner's Guide to South Korea


Finding Joy on Horseback

Joy S. MillerUpton

From the Back of the Bus to the Front of the Classroom

My Thirty Year Journey as a Black 

and Blind Professor

Dr. jw Smith


Audiobook   Paperback


Ohio University Interview

Readers' Favorite Book Review

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Hard Way to Go:

The Horse of a Lifetime


The Company Owned Ohio Town that Outlived the Company

Larry A. Horn, Sr.
Goliath New Cover Mar 2023.jpg

No One Cheers for Goliath

My Leadership Journey

Timothy J. Brown, Ph.D.

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Worth Going Back

A Memoir of Alaska

John Williams

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Mary Whalen

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Trust 'n Horses
A Guide to Successful Trust-Based Horsemanship and Life
Franklin Levinson


Horsemanship Volume 1
Quotes from Riders 
Around the World
Compiled by Gina McKnight
Illustrated by Zorka Velickovic

Available from Cover Art by Zorka Velickovic


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