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Dr. Abbott "P" Smith DVM The Official Biography by Gina McKnight

Through captivating, powerful, and emotional anecdotes, we celebrate the life of Dr. Abbott "Pete" Smith. His biography takes the reader from smiles to laughter to empathy and tears. Dr. Smith gave to us compelling lessons learned from animals; the role animals play in the human condition, the joy of loving an animal, and the awe of their spirituality. A tender and profound look into the life of a skilled and pioneer veterinarian. Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.

$15.00 US Trade Paperback

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Abbott "Pete" Smith, D.V.M. The Biography         

by Gina McKnight

Illustrations by Terry Fortkamp

Abbott "Pete" Smith, D.V.M. The Trilogy
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The South High Horseman

Stories and Poems by a Teen Cowboy

by Peter Smith

Illustrations by Kelly Lincoln

“He came out of the gate just bubbling with ambition, but when he saw all those people he just stood stock still. I was so polluted that I fell off anyway.” Peter Smith

Journey to Denver, Colorado, 1956, with Peter Smith who writes of horses, rodeos, and being a teen. The South High Horseman is a collection of Peter's high school essays and poems. An insightful look into the life of a teen cowboy.

Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.

$10.00 US Trade Paperback

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                         Gina McKnight


Abbott "Pete" Smith DVM

Tails of a Country Vet

Abbott "Pete" Smith, D.V.M.

by Gina McKnight

Illustrations by Kelly Lincoln

Abbott “Pete” Smith D.V.M. was an icon in southeastern Ohio for many years. Raised in Maine, a cowboy in Colorado, then finally to Ohio and his own Milliron Clinic, Dr. Smith will remain part of the Ohio Valley that he loved. This book is a testimony to his commitment to life. Through decades in veterinary practice, Dr. Smith realized the impact of animals, how they enrich relationships, enhance our perceptions, and nurture our spirituality. Interviewing hundreds of Dr. Smith’s clients, I found a common thread – a valued relationship between a pet owner and their vet. In Tails of a Country Vet, I present to you many hours of transcription, emails, and letters from Dr. Smith’s clients and staff. Whether they make you giggle, wince, furrow your brow, or remain contemplative, all the stories are heartfelt and sincere. 

Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.

$10.00 US Trade Paperback              

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                             Gina McKnight        GoodReads

                             Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review

Tails of a Country Vet Abbott "Pete" Smith D.V.M.

Premiering Monday June 4, 2018 "Milliron Monday" - A visit into Dr. Smith's biography; 

the interviews, photos, and complete insight into the life of a legend. 

Every Monday beginning June 4 on Gina McKnight's award-winning blog Riding & Writing

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